Who we are?

„Balkan Eco Grill“ is a trade mark of our company. We produce and serve Ready-To-Eat ecological meat & food in an antibacterial package, suitable for all day consumption, during daily dynamics, at the spot, on the go or at home together with the family.

What do we offer?

The company has its own ecological production of meat and meat variety. Our products are a warranty of freshness & quality, we guarantee this with our established seal on the antibacterial packaging.

Why we?

We produce eco products for grilling according to an old technology from high quality fresh meat and natural spices – no artificial preservatives, no colorants, no substitutes.

And our history?

We operate already for more than 15 years. Our main drive is to meet the needs of our customers for delicious food without compromising the quality. The products are prepared entirely from ecologically clean and fresh meat.

“Balkan Eco Grill” identifies fresh and delicious food with old Romanian traditions and assortment from the Balkans. We offer constant quality, environmentally friendly products, speed in food preparation and all this at very affordable prices.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer the Romanian market delicious, high quality and healthy food – ecological Balkan grill – an original part of the rich culinary culture of our peoples. At any time, in any city & town & living area, at convenient location we provide to our customers the opportunity to get good food – always constantly delicious, quickly prepared with warranty about quality, uncompromising hygiene and excellent service.

Our first three “Balkan Eco Grill” openings are in Bucharest. First location – “Gura Ialomitei” Str. 1 / Sector 3; Second location – “Barbu Vacarescu” Str. 146 – 158, Carrefour market, Sector 2; Third location – “Luica” Str. 62, Penny market, Sector 4.

Traditions determine – eat delicious!